2016 Odd News holiday gift guide

Daniel Uria

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 (UPI) -- With the holiday season rapidly approaching, shoppers may be forced to look to unconventional avenues to fill their shopping lists.

The Odd News section for 2016 was filled with unique and strange gift ideas to suit anyone from pet lovers to those seeking to furnish their home or even buy a whole town.


Wine designed for cats

Screen capture/Apollo Peak Cat Wine/Facebook

The year 2016 saw several innovations in the field of pet gifts including a wine designed specifically for cats by Colorado-based company Apollo Peak.

The non-alcoholic, beet-based cat wine comes in two varieties including the red "Pinot Meow" and white "Moscato" which allows cat owners to share a drink with their pet.

Apollo Peak assured its wine's natural ingredients would ensure no drunken cats ruin any holiday parties, but some may experience symptoms related to catnip.

"Piqapoo" hands-free dog bags

Photo courtesy of Piqapoo


A New York-based Kickstarter campaign provided another potential gift idea for owners of distinguished pets by creating "Piqapoo" hands-free dog bags.

Piqapoo provides a silicone clip to help fasten plastic dog bags to any canines tail to collect their feces as they walk.

Piqapoo's Kickstarter campaign raised $35,057, surpassing its goal of $15,000, and are expected to ship by April 2017.

$85 "Medium Leather Wrapped Stone"

Screenshot: WPIX-TV

While rocks were once considered pets, Nordstrom sought to transition them into a luxury item in 2016.

The retailer offered the strange "Medium Leather Wrapped Stone" for an equally baffling price of $85 on their online store in addition to a smaller and more affordable version priced at $65.

Customers took quickly to the combination of the rock and the handmade leather pouch by artist Peter Maxwell's Made Solid studio in Los Angeles, as the item sold out despite the hefty price tag.

KFC 'Extra Crispy' sunscreen

Photo courtesy of KFC


Few holiday gifts are as worthy of the distinction of a "luxury" item as KFC's line of "Extra Crispy" sunscreen.

The restaurant chain offered 3,000 free bottles of the SPF 30 sunscreen designed to smell like its signature fried chicken and supplies disappeared almost immediately.

KFC warned that while the sunscreen may smell delicious it was designed as "a real product," but "not a food product" and was not intended for consumption.

Colorado 'ghost town' for sale on Craigslist

Screenshot: CBS Denver

The quickest solution for those hoping their holiday gift is the talk of the town may simply be to purchase an entire town.

The "ghost town" of Cabin Creek,Colo. located near Byers in Adams County and complete with a service station and a motel was placed for sale on Craigslist for $3,500 in July.

Former owner James Johnson originally planned to turn the town into a tourist attraction, but ultimately decided to sell it to anyone seeking a home for their large family or any number of other uses to fund his retirement with his wife.


Pottery made from human remains

A New Mexico artist provided the perfect accessories to decorate a newly purchased ghost town by creating pottery from human remains.

Justin Crowe developed the "custom ash glaze" following the death of a loved one and later offered the service to others looking to memorialize their loved ones as pottery.

"They let you integrate the memories into everyday life, and use them, interact with them, and see them on an everyday basis," he said.

Breast milk Jewelry

A homemade holiday gift can sometimes be the most charming and a Texas mother found a way to turn breast milk into fashionable jewelry.

Bridgette Boudreaux, 24, first created the jewelry for herself and said the process involves adding a preservative to the milk and allowing it to sit in the refrigerator for about the week. She said the process turns the milk into a pliable solid that can be shaped and colored before being covered in a top coat resin that hardens and protects the milk.


She said the idea first came from her love of breastfeeding her sons and orders began pouring in after she debuted the jewelry on Facebook.

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