21,000 Christmas lights, 90 trees adorn 'Britain's Most Festive Pub'

Ben Hooper
The Churchill Arms pub in London has been dubbed Britain's Most Festive Pub. Screenshot: Newsflare
The Churchill Arms pub in London has been dubbed "Britain's Most Festive Pub." Screenshot: Newsflare

LONDON, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- A London pub is going all-out with the Christmas spirit by installing 21,000 festive lights and spreading 90 Christmas trees on, in, and around the building.

A video filmed at The Churchill Arms in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London shows the latest iteration of the establishment's aim to earn the unofficial nickname of "Britain's Most Festive Pub."


Owner Gerry O'Brien, who has been decorating the pub for 32 Christmases, said this year set a record for Christmas tree count, with a total 90 conifers inside the pub, on the roof, and mounted to the outside of the building.

O'Brien said it took about a week and a half to complete the decorating job.

The owner declined to say how much it costs to decorate the pub for Christmas, but he said it is a part of his annual $38,020 budget for decorations -- most of which he said goes toward flowers.


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