Red squirrel with large rear end rescued from manhole

By Daniel Uria  |  Dec. 8, 2016 at 1:05 PM
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MUNICH, Germany, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- A red squirrel with exceptionally large hips was rescued after its lower half was trapped in a manhole cover.

Animal rescue services in Munich, Germany discovered the squirrel trapped in the manhole cover unable to move its body forward or backward, according to The Local.

"He seemed to have no strength. His front claws had been battered by his desperate attempts to free himself," a member of the animal rescue organization said.

The squirrel appeared to be in critical condition as veterinarians determined it was suffering the primary effects of hypothermia when they arrived.

Rescuers initially attempted to grease the squirrel up with olive oil and pull him out of the hole but his large behind thwarted their efforts, the BBC reported.

They eventually managed to free the squirrel by lifting up the manhole cover and sliding him out by his head.

Once he was rescued the squirrel was wrapped in a towel and fed glucose, as locals lovingly nicknamed him "Olivio" after the olive oil used in the initial rescue attempt.

Olivio was later taken to a local animal shelter where he spent time recovering and regaining his appetite.

"He was almost dead," Sabine Gallenberger from the Squirrel Protection Association said. "Now he is eating a lot and sleeps all the time."

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