Police seek owner of Chihuahua found wearing Christmas sweater, blue pants

Ben Hooper

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 2 (UPI) -- A Washington state police department is seeking the owner of an unusually-attired Chihuahua found wearing a Christmas sweater, blue pants, and a bad attitude.

The Bellevue Police Department posted a photo to Twitter and Facebook of the tiny dog snarling at an officer's catch pole in Robinswood Park.


The Chihuahua was found dressed in what appears to be a snowman-print Christmas sweater and blue pants.

"Is this your dog? Caught by Officer at Robinswood Park. Was wearing a sweater and blue pants, and very angry," the department tweeted.

The photo elicited amusement from other Twitter users, including fellow law enforcement agencies.

"Of course he's angry. That sweater doesn't match those pants at all!" the official account of Kansas' Jefferson County sheriff tweeted.

The Bellevue Police Department said the fashion-challenged canine was turned over to Regional Animal Services of King County.

"If owner doesn't claim he'll be available for adoption, pants not included," the department tweeted.

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