Dog obsessed with Santa Claus chew toy meets the man himself

By Ben Hooper
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ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 30 (UPI) -- A pair of Florida siblings captured their 1-year-old dog's joy at meeting the real-life version of her favorite chew toy: Santa Claus.

John Mantaldo, 16, and sister Angelina Mantaldo, 19, said their 1-year-old Shiba Inuna dog, Kya, has been infatuated with her Santa Claus chew toy ever since they got it for her when she first came home last Christmas.


"Last year we got her [this toy] at the dollar store when we first got her," John told ABC News. "She just always liked that one and bit his beard and stuff."

"She always goes and gets that one and like brings it to us when we get home when she's all excited," Angelina Montaldo told Inside Edition.

The siblings brought Kya to their local mall in Orlando to meet Santa in person.

John captured a photo of Kya beaming on Santa's lap and posted it to Twitter.

"She was really excited even on the way there," Angelina said. "We just put her on the seat next to Santa and she sat pretty calm and then when they went to take the picture she opened her mouth."


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