Tiger escapes enclosure at Indian zoo, runs loose for 90 minutes

Ben Hooper

INDORE, India, Nov. 28 (UPI) -- An Indian zoo said no humans or animals were injured when a female tiger escaped her enclosure and was on the loose for about 90 minutes.

The Indore Zoo said the 15-month-old tigress, Jamuna, escaped her enclosure Sunday by climbing a 12-foot wall and going under the iron mesh surrounding the habitat.


Reports indicated the tiger was spooked when a balloon thrown into the enclosure by a child popped on the ground.

Zoo officials said visitors were rushed to shelter while zookeepers attempted to recapture the big cat.

The zoo said the facility's manager, Uttam Yadav, located Jamuna during the search and was able to coax the feline, which officials said was familiar with Yadav, into a cage.

The zoo said no visitors or animals were injured during Jamuna's 90 minutes on the loose.

Officials said the wall of Jamuna's enclosure will be raised to make it more difficult to climb.

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