Bull escapes slaughterhouse, runs wild through Philadelphia

Ben Hooper

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PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- A bull escaped from a Philadelphia slaughterhouse and lead police on a nearly 5-mile chase through the city, including a visit to a high school.

The owner of the Saba Live Poultry meat processing facility in the Kensington neighborhood said the 550-pound bull escaped from a truck outside the plant about 2 p.m. Tuesday.


"Well when I opened the door the animal took off," plant owner Pablo Rosario told WCAU-TV.

The bull paid a brief visit to Kensington High School.

"He stopped at the doors and looked at his reflection in the glass, then ran toward Thompson Street," witness Pete Colon said.

The bull ended up on Interstate 95, where he was photographed by shocked commuters.

The bovine was eventually cornered near the Interstate 676-95 interchange and was euthanized by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

"Due to public safety issues and being in Center City Philadelphia, I was directed by a captain of the police department to assist them in putting the animal down for public safety reasons. We generally don't do this. We're wildlife officers, but in an extreme situation, an emergency situation, for public safety, we chose to put it down," game Officer Jerry Czech told WPVI-TV.


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