Diver 'nearly swallowed' by humpback whale in Barents Sea

By Ben Hooper
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TROMSO, Norway, Nov. 16 (UPI) -- A diver filming killer whales in the Barents Sea captured the moment an unexpected humpback whale diving for herring "nearly swallowed" him.

Patrick Dykstra posted a video to YouTube showing how he was swimming among the herring while on a killer whale-watching trip in the Barents Sea, off the coasts of Norway and Russia.


Dykstra is passing through the fish when the humpback appears suddenly and seems to collide with the diver.

The diver said he was "nearly swallowed" by the whale.

He credited the humpback's skillful swimming with saving him from being consumed.

"The whale knew exactly what he was doing and moved to avoid me... These creatures are so smart," he said.

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