5-foot corn snake found inside U.K. couple's car

By Daniel Uria

WORCESTERSHIRE, England, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- A couple in England were shocked when they discovered a snake wrapped around their dog's legs in the back seat of their car.

Central Motorway Police Group shared a photo of the 5-foot-long corn snake as it poked its head out from underneath the back seat of their new vehicle.


"Officers attended a breakdown on the M5 in [Worcestershire]...but it wasn't a breakdown," police said. "Occupants had found...a SNAKE!"

Car owner Claire Brealey told the BBC she and her boyfriend first noticed the snake when their dog appeared "distressed" in the back of the vehicle.

"The dog was in the back of the car. I glanced back and saw this bright orange and white snake wrapped around his legs," she said. "I turned to my partner and said, 'there's a snake in the back of the car.'"

Police Sgt. Dave Lonsdale found the couple on the side of the road.

"When we found them they were a bit shaky," he said.

Animal experts from a local reptile company were called to identify the snake from photographs and determined it was not harmful.


The couple decided to continue their drive with the snake in the car and dismantled the vehicle when they got home in hopes of finding it, with no luck.

"We think it's still in the car," Brealey said.

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