Police capture squirrel who ransacked Canadian home

By Daniel Uria

OAK BAY, British Columbia, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- A family in Canada returned from a month-long vacation to find their home had been ransacked by a furry invader.

Sheri Lucas shared photos as two Oak Bay police officers arrived at the scene to find a squirrel had broken into Christine Kiss' and knocked over various household items.


"Great detective work and patience allows [Oak Bay police] to catch a suspect that thrashed a homeowner's home while they were on vacation," Lucas said.

Kiss told the CBC she arrived back home to find papers and other items strewn about and bowls of nuts throughout the house completely emptied.

"The shells were strewn all over the floor," she said. "The floor was a glorious mess."

Kiss eventually called police, who were prepared to leave the home following a brief inspection when they heard a squeak.

"Then we heard another squeak and some scratching and she said 'Oh God, that's a squirrel,'" Kiss said.

Kiss eventually realized she had been previously acquainted with the culprit as she and her husband had been feeding peanuts to two of the local squirrels.

"I said to my husband, when we go away, what are those little guys going to do?" Kiss said. "They're so used to us feeding their daily treat, they're going to miss it."


She and her husband had grown so attached to the squirrels they even named them Franklin and Wilhelmina, but Kiss said the home invasion taught her it was foolish to feed them.

"I would strongly advise people not to do it, because the amount of mayhem that they made in the house you wouldn't believe," she said.

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