'Talking' pilot whale visits boater off northern Norway coast

Ben Hooper
A pilot whale talking to a boater off Norway. Screenshot: Storyful
A pilot whale "talking" to a boater off Norway. Screenshot: Storyful

OSLO, Norway, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- A man boating through Norway waters captured rare footage of a pilot whale "talking" while hanging out on the surface next to his vessel.

Berthold Hinrichs posted a video to YouTube showing his encounter last year hen he encountered a pod of pilot whales off the coast of northern Norway.


One of the whales surfaces right next to the boat and lets off a series of squeaky whale calls.

"I met these guys in northern Norway. I saw them a distance away apparently resting so I stopped my boat and turned off the engine. After a while they swam over to my boat and one of them started talking," Hinrichs wrote.

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