Stray cat 'Banjo' believed to be Britain's oldest

By Daniel Uria
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SOUTHALL, England, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- A cat who turned up at an animal rescue facility in the United Kingdom could be Britain's oldest at more than 20-years-old.

RSPCA Southall Cattery shared a photo of the elderly black and white cat named "Banjo," who workers believed to be 25-years-old.


"He might possibly be the oldest cat in the UK," the RSPCA said. "We hope to find out."

After discovering Banjo had been microchipped in 1991 the RSPCA believed he could be even older than they initially imagined.

"Banjo is currently believed to be 26-27 years old, having been chipped in 1991, when he was believed to have been 2-years-old," the RSPCA said. "We may have to get Guinness down here."

The RSPCA attempted to contact the number associated with Banjo's microchip, but received no answer.

"We don't even know if the [previous] owners know his real age, he could have any story," animal care assistant Aneel Odhwani told The Telegraph.

While workers at the center may never learn Banjo's actual story, manager Beverly Leavy suggested he's made full use of each of his lives.


"Banjo must have used up all of his nine lives by now," she said. "He is such a charming, sweet old man, he is eating well and enjoying life in the cattery."

Since Banjo's original owners could not be contacted the RSPCA is seeking a quiet home for him to relax and enjoy his old age.

"He's friendly and laid back, very undemanding. He loves his food and he loves being groomed – the ideal cat to rehome," Odhwani said.

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