Turkish engineers show off real-life 'Transformers' robot car

By Ben Hooper
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ANKARA, Turkey, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A team of Turkish engineers are turning science fiction into science reality by building a real-life "Transformer" that morphs from a car to a giant robot.

Turkish company Letrons posted a video to YouTube showing their creation, which is also dubbed Letrons, taking an outdoor test drive.


The vehicle doesn't have room for a driver or passenger like its cinematic counterparts, but it does actually drive via remote-control, the creators said.

The video shows the car driving around a paved lot before stopping and transforming into a giant robot that moves its head, arms and fingers.

The robot then transforms back into a car and continues its drive.

Letrons said it took 12 engineers a total eight months to create the robot using what used to be a BMW sports car.

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