Pennsylvania firefighters battle bees while chasing loose alligator

Ben Hooper

PENN HILLS, Pa., Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Firefighters in a Pittsburgh suburb were called to remove an unusual yard invader -- a 4-foot alligator being guarded by a swarm of bees.

The Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department Station 221 shared photos on Facebook of the alligator captured Monday night in a resident's back yard.


Firefighters set about trying to corral the alligator into a metal garbage can, but they soon discovered some additional wildlife interference, "a large bee nest."

The department said several firefighters were stung by the bees "multiple times" before they used some firefighting foam to subdue the insects.

The crew was then able to capture the alligator in the metal garbage can until an animal handler from the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium arrived to take the reptile away.

Firefighters said there was no word as to where the alligator came from before being seen in the woman's yard.

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