Oklahoma police dog finds meth in box of Twinkies

By Ben Hooper
Some people say junk food is addictive, but this is ridiculous. Screenshot: WPXI-TV
Some people say junk food is addictive, but this is ridiculous. Screenshot: WPXI-TV

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 25 (UPI) -- Police in Oklahoma said a drug-sniffing dog found five bags of methamphetamine hidden inside a box of Twinkies snack cakes.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said officers pulled over a vehicle with out-of-state plates Sunday when it was seen weaving in and out of traffic on Interstate 40 while the driver appeared to be texting.


The police report states the officer determined the driver and passenger were acting suspiciously, so a drug-sniffing dog was brought in to search the vehicle.

"The drug dogs are highly trained. They are very good at what they do," Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight told KFOR-TV. "When an officer has one of those dogs with them, the dog knows almost immediately if there are drugs present or have been drugs present."

The dog indicated a suspicious odor coming from the box of Twinkies and officers determined the side of the box had been re-sealed.

The officer opened the box and removed its contents -- two snack cakes and five bags of methamphetamine.

The driver, Rodney Walker, 50, and his passenger, Bernard Reyes, 39, were arrested on drug trafficking charges and jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond. Police said the men had come from California and were passing through Oklahoma on their way to Kentucky.


The arrests came just days after police in Ohio arrested two women found to be transporting a quarter pound of meth concealed in Combos snack wrappers.

"Drug traffickers often find more and more exotic ways of hiding the drugs that they're transporting." Knight said. "You wouldn't think to look in a box of Twinkies for serious drugs. That's exactly where they found it this time."

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