Bengal cat named Thor attracting fans worldwide

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Attack mode! (With a spiderweb on my head lol 😹)

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KORTENBERG, Belgium, Aug. 24 (UPI) -- A house cat's unique mix of striped and spotted fur has turned it into an international sensation.

Thor the Bengal Cat's daily exploits are chronicled on his Facebook and Instagram pages, where photos show off his unique fur, which resembles both a Bengal tiger and a leopard.


"My name is Thor. I am a Bengal living in Belgium. This is my Facebook page that is runned by my servants," Thor's page description states. "Hope you enjoy my daily adventures!"

Thor's owner Rani Cucicov told the Huffington Post they adopted the 3-year-old Bengal cat while in the Netherlands in 2013.

"We actually came to look at another kitten, but then the breeder said she had another one that was available and then she came with Thor in her hands," Cucicov said. "We immediately fell in love with his beautiful 'orange brown' colors."

Cucicov added that despite the multitude of photos of Thor across social media, some people questioned whether his unique coat was real or photo shopped.

"Thor is real and definitely not photoshopped or anything," she said. "There are pictures with filters which we put on instagram or where we put more shadow etc. because the picture is too clear or light and, of course, we try to make him look best, but we never fake his colors nor photoshop him to look like a tiger or something."


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