More than 100,000 bees removed from U.K. hospital

Daniel Uria

CARDIFF, Wales, Aug. 19 (UPI) -- More than 100,000 bees were removed from a hospital in Wales after honey began dripping from the ceiling.

The Tree Bee Society shared photos of one of the colonies that was removed from Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff.


"It may sound like something of biblical proportions, honey coming through the walls and ceiling," Abigail Reade of The Tree Bee Society told the BBC. "But people walking past wouldn't have noticed [the hive] and it kept growing."

A total of about 110,000 bees were removed after Reade said they had been in the walls of the elderly care assessment unit for about five years.

The bee specialists used a circular saw to cut out the hive and transferred the bees to a temporary apiary, where they will later be collected and taken to their base in Lancashire.

Upon their arrival at the Tree Bee Society base, the bee's wax will be used to make soap, wax and furniture polish.

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