Tesco customer and employee mourn death of worm found in cucumber

By Daniel Uria

Dear Tesco, yesterday I purchased one of your fine cucumbers which I had planned on using to make my favourite dish - a...

Posted by Wes Metcalfe on Saturday, August 6, 2016
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YORKSHIRE, England, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- A U.K. man took to social media to mourn a worm, which he found dead inside a cucumber from a local grocery chain.

West Metcalfe shared a photo of the cucumber to grocery chain Tesco's Facebook page, as he mourned the loss of the worm which he jokingly said he hoped to keep as a pet.


"Upon opening my cucumber I discovered a worm inside the wrapping [see picture]. I thought - at last, finally Tesco have come up with something to beat Aldi's free spider with bananas offer," Metcalfe joked.

"I excitedly shouted the kids downstairs to come and meet our new pet. We decided to name him William," he wrote. "Our new pet appeared to be very unresponsive, we just put it down to him being sleepy and decided to give him sometime to come round."

Metcalfe was soon forced to accept that his newfound pet was in fact dead on arrival and invited Tesco to attend the ill-fated worm's funeral.

His post prompted a response from Tesco Customer Care representative Rob, who informed Metcalfe he would be unable to attend the funeral, but offered condolences and a poem.


"I'll be heading to a muddy festival shortly, trawling through the fields of damp grass and dirt, much like William would've during his happier times," he wrote.

Later, Metcalfe shared a photo of the funeral, which featured a popsicle stick cross, a card from Tesco and a eulogy including Rob's poem.

"Well what can I say it's been an emotional day but the funeral went without a hitch," Metcalfe wrote. "Tesco Rob we read out your poem and there wasn't a dry eye amongst us."

Posted by Wes Metcalfe on Sunday, August 7, 2016

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