Bart Simpson impersonators swarm San Francisco's BART transport system

Daniel Uria

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- A group of people dressed in Bart Simpson masks swarmed San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

The stunt was part of an art project by Elissa Patel, titled "#BartOnBart," in which the group of Bart Simpsons rode the BART from 24th street to the embarcadero.


Patel shared video of the stunt to Twitter, as more than a dozen people in Bart masks joined public transit passengers while The Simpsons theme song played in the background.

According to Patel, the goal of the project was to bring art to the overwhelming number of people who make use of public transit in San Francisco.

"Bart carries more than 420,000 people a day, and has historically had little art. In comparison, the SF MOMA recently raised 245 Million, and in the year of 2012, it had 632,000 visitors total," Patel wrote on Instagram. "That's about 1,700 visitors a day, not even 1% of Barts daily traffic. Seems like an opportunity."

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