Rare white lion cubs born at zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia

By Daniel Uria
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TBILISI, Georgia, Aug. 4 (UPI) -- An incredibly rare litter of white lions were born at a zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia, to two of their resident in lions.

Tbilisi Zoo shared photos of the three newly born lion cubs, which experienced a "complicated" delivery process.


According to The Telegraph, the parents of the cubs, Cleopatra and Samuel, lost a cub during a flood in 2015.

The new cubs, whose white color comes from a rare mutation similar to albinism, will spend the beginning of their life away from the public view.

"Currently, the newborn babies are being kept in a closed cage and away from the public so they can adapt to the calm environment," the zoo said.

According to the zoo, after spending a brief period with their mother, the rare lions will be put on display where their strange coloring will likely make them a popular attraction.

"Their mother will most likely let them out in the coming days, and everyone will have a chance to come and see them for the first time," they said.

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