Curious kitten rescued from Komodo dragon cage

Daniel Uria

FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 2 (UPI) -- A kitten in Texas escaped an encounter with a Komodo dragon at a local zoo after staff found the curious animal in the lizard's cage.

The Humane Society of North Texas shared a photo of the lucky black and orange kitten that managed to find its way into a Komodo dragon enclosure at the Fort Worth Zoo.


The kitten, who was given the name Komodo for its run-in with the large lizard, was unharmed and will be put up for adoption.

"This feisty little girl was luckily, unharmed, she is quite a survivor! Now named Komodo, she is in foster care till she gets big enough for adoption!" The society wrote.

A zoo spokeswoman told the Star-Telegram that officials were unsure how the cat got into the enclosure, but said feral cats are found randomly at the zoo and are sent to the humane society when caught.

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