Bikini-clad off-duty Swedish police officer arrests pickpocket

Daniel Uria

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, July 28 (UPI) -- An off-duty Swedish police officer arrested a pickpocket who approached her as she was sunbathing with a group of friends.

Mikaela Kellner, who has served as a police officer for 11 years, shared a photo of herself apprehending the man while wearing only a bikini at Ralambshovsparken in Stockholm.


She told The Local that she and her friends were approached by a man who claimed to be selling magazines for homeless people and suspected something was wrong when he lingered for an extended period of time before leaving.

"I told my friends to keep an eye on their things. But as soon as he left one of my friends said 'where did my mobile phone go,'" she said.

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Kellner acted on instinct and chased the man down for about 50 feet before wrestling him to the ground along with one of her friends, who is also a police officer.

"I just acted on instinct and didn't think about it so much until after we had pinned him down. When I sat there I looked over at our other two friends who are not police officers and realized that it probably looked pretty funny. But I would have stepped in no matter my outfit," she said.


After apprehending the man Kellner and her friend called some of their on-duty police friends and had the man properly arrested.

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