Seal found sleeping in cemetery bathroom

Daniel Uria

DEVONPORT, Australia, July 27 (UPI) -- A sleepy seal was found enjoying a nap in the women's bathroom at an Australian cemetery before being relocated back to the ocean.

Devonport City Council shared a photo of the sleeping seal, which was discovered in the women's restroom by staff at Mersey Vale Cemetery on Monday morning.


"Perhaps he just wanted somewhere peaceful to sleep," the city council joked in a Facebook post. "Clearly he's been on a bit of an adventure and is a long way from home."

City council staff allowed the seal, which they nicknamed Sammy, to continue its nap in the restroom until Parks and Wildlife arrived to check up on it until they were able to send a recovery team.

Once the recovery operation was complete and Sammy was sent back out to the beach, Devonport City Council shared a photo of the newly free seal and thanked Parks and Wildlife for their assistance.

"Huge thanks to our friends at the Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment," they wrote. "Sammy has now hit the beach and is getting ready to go for a surf!"


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