Newly retired Swedish police dog receives heartfelt message on Facebook

Daniel Uria

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, July 1 (UPI) -- Police in Sweden shared a heartfelt message for a police dog, who has retired from the force after 10 years of service.

Stockholm police hailed the nearly 12-year-old German Shepherd Addie as a national hero and shared photos of his accomplishments during his career as a police dog.


"Few people have done more good for society than Addie has done, and his never-ending work has helped to make a many times dark world something brighter," they wrote.

During his time on the police force Addie filled several roles including narcotics dog, weapons search dog, and a patrol dog.

"He has worked for such a long time, yet all the time has been really energetic. He's done his job for more than ten years, which is really unusual. I think the majority of police dogs don't work for more than six, yet he done a really great job the whole time," Addie's handler Christer Torlen told The Local.

Addie earned the nickname "Addie No" for his independent attitude and tendency to complete tasks without his handlers.

"He got the nickname 'Addie No' because he does so much through his own initiative," Torlen said. "He's very independent and sometimes can be a bit angry."

Addie will continue to live with his handler in retirement and his son Ullhedens Zingo will take his place on the force.

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