Kellogg's to open all-day cereal cafe in Times Square

By Daniel Uria
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NEW YORK, June 29 (UPI) -- Kellog's is looking to turn a bowl of cereal into a gourmet experience by opening an all-day cereal cafe in Times Square.

Kellog's NYC is set to launch in early July and will offer standard bowls of the company's popular cereals and gourmet combinations crafted by founder and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar Christina Tosi.


"We hope to elevate the experience from just cereal with milk," Kellogg's NYC partner Anthony Rudolf told the New York Daily News. "Just because I can open a beer at home, doesn't mean I'm not going to the pub."

A standard bowl of cereal such as Raisin Bran, Special K or Froot Loops costs $4.50 for a large and $3.50 for a small. Tosi's creations, which include "Honey Buzz," featuring a bowl of Honey Smacks with honey, toasted pecans and banana chips, cost $6 to $8.

Each bowl of cereal comes with a 12-ounce container of milk, which can be substituted for ice cream or yogurt for $2.

Kellogg's senior vice president of marketing and innovation Noel Geoffroy told CNN Money the idea was inspired by the popularity of cereal among millennials and all-day breakfast offerings from chains like McDonald's.


"One-third of cereal consumption happens outside of breakfast hours," he said. "Cereals are meeting people's meal needs across all parts of the day -- in between meals, after school, even after dinner."

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