Chain offering free burgers for life to customers who change their last name to 'Burger'

By Ben Hooper

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MELBOURNE, June 29 (UPI) -- An Australian burger chain is offering a lifetime supply of its wares to anyone who formally changes their last name to "Burger."

Mr. Burger, based in Melbourne, announced anyone who formally changes their last name to Burger via the Australian government's official application will be granted free burgers for life once the restaurant receives an email with a copy of the name change confirmation.


"We like to have fun at Mr. Burger. And giving someone burgers for life if they change their last name to 'Burger' seems about the most fun thing we can do," the chain said on its website.

The rules state name changes must be completed by July 31 and the winners will receive one free burger per day for the rest of their lives "or for as long as you retain the last name 'Burger.'"

Mr. Burger famously pranked fans on April 1 with a hoax announcement of an upcoming "Burger tram," but marketing manager Maleik Edwards said the latest announcement is no joke.

"It's 200 percent legit. Too legit," Edwards told Mashable Australia.

Edwards said the company wants to lift Australians' spirits.


"Last week was a pretty heavy week in news, between Brexit, the election and the crazy weather. We thought this was a great way of brightening people's day," he told Broadsheet.

Edwards said the restaurant will award the lifetime burger prize to the first 10 people to change their names, but thus far there have been no entries.

"We've had lots of people consider it, but we don't know how many will take it seriously," Edwards said.

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