Botched Porsche parking in viral video leads police to hit-and-run suspect

By Ben Hooper  |  Updated June 24, 2016 at 4:08 PM
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 24 (UPI) -- Police in British Columbia said a viral video of a botched parking job that ended with a Porsche's undercarriage on the ground led them to a hit-and-run suspect.

A video posted to YouTube by user Scott Leaf shows a teen driver attempting to park the Porsche Cayenne -- which starts at more than $50,000 -- in a narrow garage.

The car bounces off the walls of the garage and at one point ends up stuck on one of the walls with its mirror inside the structure at an odd angle.

The Porsche eventually makes it entirely into the garage, but it leaves its undercarriage behind on the ground.

Vancouver police said the viral video helped them locate the vehicle, which they said had been involved in a hit-and-run incident earlier in the day.

Vancouver Police Department Constable Brian Montague said the driver, the owner's teenage son, apparently took the car for a joyride without permission June 16 while his mother was out of town.

The Porsche struck a parked car about 11 a.m. and drove away from the scene, Montague said.

"It was a bad decision to start with and then a decision made much worse by not taking responsibility," Montague told CBC News. "He's lucky he's not facing criminal charges."

He said the license plate being visible in the viral video helped police identify the car and its driver.

"We would have eventually connected all the dots," Montage said. "But the video made it much simpler."

The constable said police were shocked by the poor driving on display in the video.

"It clearly shows someone panicking," he said. "Someone who doesn't know what to do."

Montage said the teen driver, who did not have a license, would have been let off with a $213 ticket for driving without a license if he had remained at the scene of the crash, but he is now instead facing hefty costs from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

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