Armored truck door pops open in Rhode Island, $20,500 still missing

By Ben Hooper
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PROVIDENCE, R.I., June 17 (UPI) -- An armored truck crew lost about $20,500 when the vehicle's back door popped open in transit and three large bags of cash fell into the road.

The Providence Police Department said the Brink's truck crew told investigators the doors came open while the vehicle was turning into the main entrance of the Rhode Island Hospital in the late morning Wednesday.


Three bags of cash fell out and two were stuck by passing cars, causing them to burst open and scatter bills to the wind.

The crew attempted to recover the flying money, but the amount of cash they were unable to recover was estimated at about $20,500.

Brink's officials said the company's international security manager is inspecting the truck and interviewing the crew in an attempt to determine the cause of the incident.

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