One-armed tattoo artist sports prosthetic with built-in needle

By Ben Hooper
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LYON, France, June 15 (UPI) -- A French tattoo artist who lost his right arm 22 years ago shared video of his unusual prosthetic arm, which has a working tattoo needle instead of a hand.

JC Sheitan Tenet, a tattoo artist from Lyon, posted a video to YouTube showing the arm, which was designed and built by engineer Jean-Louis Gonzalez, in action.


Tenet said that the arm includes re-purposed components from a sewing machine, a typewriter, a turntable and a pressure gauge.

The artist said the arm contains some disposable parts and is easily taken apart for cleaning.

"The rusty, worn and dirty appearance, is of course fake," he said on Facebook, explaining the design was a Steampunk-inspired aesthetic choice.

Tenet said the arm is "very long and meticulous," which makes it more of "an exhibition kinetic sculpture" than a "daily use tool."

The tattoo artist said he uses his left arm for detailed work, but he has been practicing using the prosthetic arm for fills.

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