Tokyo's naked restaurant bans elderly, overweight and tattooed patrons

By Ben Hooper
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TOKYO, June 13 (UPI) -- A Tokyo pop-up restaurant is joining the nude dining trend, but with a twist: there are age and weight limits for enjoying a meal in the buff.

The Amrita, named for the Sanskrit word for "immortality," is scheduled to open July 29 in Tokyo, following on the clothes-free heels of similar nude dining experiences in London and Australia.


The Tokyo eatery's website lists some important differences from its overseas counterparts, including bans on tattoos, people over the age of 60 and anyone whose weight is 33 or more pounds over the "average body weight" for their height.

The website says customers will not be completely nude for their meals, instead trading in their street clothes for "paper underpants" provided by the establishment.

The Amrita also boasts "Men's Show" performances featuring male models from the United States and Europe dancing in G-string underwear.

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