Sneaky fox cub turns up inside U.K. man's dishwasher

By Daniel Uria
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LONDON, June 10 (UPI) -- A sneaky fox cub gave a London man a surprise when he walked into his kitchen to find the animal trapped in his dishwasher.

Village Vet UK shared video of veterinarian Simon Hayes' encounter with the fox as he attempted to guide the cub back to its mother.


"It was quite a warm evening so I had the back door open. I got distracted and went to do something else - when I came back he was there," Hayes told the BBC of his encounter with the fox.

Hayes said the "bold" fox cub declined to exit the dishwasher even after he moved the bottom rack to give it a clearer route.

He added that he could hear the fox's mother "calling" for the cub from outside the door and decided to nudge the fox along using a broom.

"Being a vet and not being particularly scared of animals, I tried to coax him out," he said.

The fox ultimately made its way out of the dishwasher with Hayes' help and reunited with its mother.


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