Internet reunites Canadian man with missing pants

By Daniel Uria
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OTTAWA, June 7 (UPI) -- An internet thread helped reunite a Canadian man with his missing pants after he lost them during a night out drinking.

Andy Gaudry, from Ottawa, shared a post on Reddit seeking help finding a pair of pants he lost while celebrating his grandmother's birthday in Halifax on Friday night.


"I was staying at the Marriott harbour front, I blacked out and don't know where I would have taken my pants off," Gaudry wrote. "Had security check the tapes at the hotel and I indeed was pants less when I arrived back."

Gaudry described the pants as charcoal Calvin Klein chinos and explained that his wallet and cell phone were in his pants at the time.

He was able to check his bank statement to find that he purchased food from a Shawarma Stop around 4 a.m. and said any witnesses would be able to identify him due to his hot pink underwear.

Gaudry received word that his missing pants had been found when Twitter user darlemer shared a photo of a hotel employee holding the pants, as well as Gaudry's other belongings.


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