Dog rescued after being trapped in pit for five days

By Daniel Uria

LOWELL, Mich., May 31 (UPI) -- A Michigan dog was rescued after being trapped in a nearby concrete pit without food or water for five days.

Morgan Wood shared a photo of her dog, Wyatt, saying that the he had been found in the pit near a neighbor's home.


"Wyatt has been found! He was at a neighbors and had fallen in a pit! Wyatt was without food and water for five days and is covered in mud and oil," she wrote.

Ford told Michigan Live that the 2-year-old English shepherd was sleeping outside on the porch the night he went missing.

She, her husband and her 15-month-old son searched in the surrounding woods and the rest of the area to no avail.

Police, veterinarians and local citizens also joined in on the search after Ford shared information about Wyatt's disappearance to Facebook.

"It made me feel like the world was looking for him," she said.

After five days of searching, Ford heard a knock on her door from a neighbor who had found and returned the missing dog.

"I sobbed with joy and Auburn is giving him hugs," she wrote on Facebook. "Thank you all for your prayers that have been answered. The young Hesslers boy who brought him back is my hero!"


Wyatt was reportedly in good health despite being tired and returned to his natural temperament after getting a bath.

"Once I hugged him he was tail-wagging and happy," Ford said.

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