Endangered snake spotted on community college campus

By Daniel Uria
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HOLYOKE, Mass., May 27 (UPI) -- An endangered snake was seen slithering on a road near a Massachusetts community college campus on Thursday.

Holyoke Community College shared photos of the black rat snake and warned students to be careful while driving in the area.


"Please be careful driving on Doyle Drive," they wrote. "This black rat snake was spotted this morning on the #HCC campus crossing the road behind the Kids Place."

The school also noted that the snake is not venomous and the endangered black rat snakes are the largest indigenous snake found in Massachusetts.

It was unclear how long the snake found on campus was, but black rat snakes can grow up to eight feet long.

The snake likely wandered out onto the road to collect warmth from the summer sun.

"As the weather warms up, they like to bask in the sun. Don't we all." the school wrote.

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