Florida man's swimming pool taken over by swarm of tree frogs

By Ben Hooper   |   May 19, 2016 at 11:27 AM
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EDGEWATER, Fla., May 19 (UPI) -- A Florida family said they are struggling with an unusual infestation -- dozens of tree frogs using their pool to cool down from the early summer heat.

Residents all over Volusia County reported an increase in tree frog sightings after recent rains, but Tony Summa of Edgewater said he and his family woke up on a recent morning to find more than 100 of the tree frogs swimming in their pool.

"We're from Connecticut, so when we saw that. We were in total shock," Summa told WKMG-TV. "When it started raining, we noticed as the night went on, it got worse," he said.

Summa posted a photo to the What's Happening in Daytona group on Facebook seeking help with the unusual infestation.

The photo shows a dense gathering of the frogs swimming in the water and climbing on the pool's handrails.

"There were a ton of eggs in the pool," Summa said. "I'm really afraid of the dog eating them and getting sick."

Summa said he tried using chlorine to get rid of the frogs, but they were not dissuaded from taking further dips.

"It usually occurs springtime that they start coming back out, and looking for water. Essentially, they're eating all that chlorine when they jump in there and do their thing at night," Justin Gierhart of Clear Blue Pools said.

Gierhart said dumping salt in the pool would chase off the frogs, as their skin would burn on contact with salt water.

Summa said he plans to try Gierhart's advice.

"It's nasty. Doesn't make you want to swim in your pool," he said.

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