New York 'superhero' seeking recruits to clean up the streets

By Ben Hooper
Chris Pollack, aka Dark Guardian, is seeking superhero recruits to join his quest for justice. Screenshot: WPIX-TV
Chris Pollack, aka Dark Guardian, is seeking superhero recruits to join his quest for justice. Screenshot: WPIX-TV

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NEW YORK, May 12 (UPI) -- A real-life "superhero" from Staten Island, N.Y., is patrolling the streets of New York City, looking for costumed crusaders to join his real-life "Justice League."

Chris Pollack, aka Dark Guardian, founded the New York Ronins superhero academy with a successful GoFundMe campaign in 2013 and he said he is now seeking recruits to join in his quest for justice.


"We're going out on the streets to deter crime," Pollack told WPIX-TV. "We're looking out for people up to no good, we're getting out wanted flyers, we're just helping anyone we see in need."

Pollack, a marital arts instructor, said his ideal candidate would be "somebody who is actually physically capable, has some self defense skills."

"Of course they have to be street smart and be able to deal with people. We're not looking to get into fights but we are looking to handle situations," he said.

Dark Guardian is advertising a recruiting event on Facebook.

The event's description reads:

"Crime is on the rise in New York City. Slashings and attacks on citizens are becoming common place. There are issues between citizens and the police. There is a disconnect between the mayor and the police force. There is a need for community policing. We need people to stand up and fight against crime. There are what some people call real life superheroes that have been working to fight crime and help the community. Dark Guardian has been doing so for many years. He's been featured in a HBO documentary and various media sources doing so.


Now he is looking for more heroes to help take to back the streets and help clean up New York City by joining his crime fighting team the NY Ronins (formerly New York Initiative).

It's time for the people to stand up and fight back against crime and apathy.

They are recruiting and have a meeting for those interested coming up on Sunday May 15th at Continental Center at 1:30pm."

Dark Guardian said he has recently increased patrols in Prospect Park after a recent sexual assault. Members of the New York Ronins have been putting up posters in the area seeking to find the "scumbag rapist."

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