Website boasts realistic 'fake doctors notes' with money-back guarantee

By Ben Hooper
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WASHINGTON, May 3 (UPI) -- A website offering "fake doctors notes" to help customers get out of work, school or other duties is offering a 100-percent-refund guarantee.

The website,, offers phony excuses purporting to be from healthcare providers including general practitioners, dentists, gynecologists, oncologists and other types of doctors.


The site offers purported testimonials from supposedly satisfied customers who used the faux doctors notes to get out of work and school commitments.

There are even YouTube videos featuring blurred-out faces of alleged customers who praised the realism of the notes.

The service includes call-back numbers that will play a pre-loaded MP3 message to anyone who tries to verify the authenticity of the notes.

The site offers a one-year "no questions asked" refund guarantee for anyone whose notes fail to pass scrutiny.

Attorney David Aylor, who is not associated with the business, said a disclaimer on the website protects BestFakeDoctorsNotes from any legal action stemming from illegal use of the fake notes.

"They state clearly that this is fictitious doctors and fictitious names, fictitious hospitals," Aylor told WCIV-TV. "When you look at the promotion of it; what they are promoting is the authenticity of the looking in that it could be used as a form of trickery of an employer getting out of work and getting paid for it."


He said the site would be unlikely to face any legal action from duped employers or customers whose fake notes fail to fool their targets.

"What you can claim as an owner of the website is that you have no idea what someone is using it for in that once you sell it," he said. "What they determine what they want to do with it is their own decision."

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