Purse stolen 14 years ago found in garbage can and returned to owner

By Daniel Uria
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SEABROOK, N.H., April 29 (UPI) -- A New Hampshire woman received a resolution to an old crime when her stolen purse was returned to her after more than a decade.

Lisa Hall Mazzaglia shared a photo of the purse which was returned to her after 14 years when it was found in a garbage can at Market Basket in Seabrook, N.H.


She was initially confused when Seabrook police informed her that they had her purse and thought they had contacted her in error.

"I figured it must've been a mistake, or perhaps I'd been the victim of identity theft," she wrote. "I'll admit the thought of my stolen purse from years back crossed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it as a ridiculous thought."

"The bag was basically as it was 14 years ago," she wrote. "Wallet still stuffed with credit cards and ID's and receipts from my Christmas shopping done in previous weeks."

Mazzaglia said that the purse was stolen in December 2002 while she was out Christmas shopping for gifts to donate to charity.

"I was putting the gifts in my car and my bag was lifted out of my cart when I turned my back," she wrote.


She felt a sense of nostalgia as she rifled through her old belongings, including her cell phone, pager, undeveloped rolls of film and even $4 the thief neglected to find.

"Such a strange thing to have happened," she wrote. "But thanks to the twists of fate and thoughtfulness of a Good Samaritan I got to open a 14 year old time capsule."

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