Florida man tries to feed raccoon, learns valuable lesson

Ben Hooper
A valuable lesson is about to be learned. Screenshot:JukinMedia
A valuable lesson is about to be learned. Screenshot:JukinMedia

ORLANDO, Fla., April 27 (UPI) -- A Florida man who came across a group of seemingly cuddly raccoons learned a valuable lesson about wildlife when one of the animals bit him on the finger.

The video, posted to YouTube by Braddock Baskett, shows what happened last month when he encountered a large group of raccoons accompanied by "a chill cat."


"I've never seen this many raccoons," Baskett says in the video.

Baskett holds out a piece of food for one of the raccoons, which initially appears to be approaching him in a friendly manner.

However, the surly trash panda instead teaches Baskett an important lesson about feeding wild animals by chomping down on his finger.

The video shows Baskett walking away with what appears to be blood on his finger, but he admitted in a Facebook comment that he added that portion of the video in after the incident using simulated blood because the raccoon's bite "didn't even scratch me."

"Strolled up on this large raccoon family and a chill cat. I found something to feed one and he bit me. The rest is fuzzy, luckily I have time to write this before I pass out," Baskett wrote in the video's description. "DISCLAIMER: Feeding wild animals is dangerous and can result in getting bit and possibly contracting rabies."

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