EMT finishes mowing lawn after 87-year-old passes out

By Ben Hooper
An EMT mows an 87-year-old man's lawn. Photo by <a class="tpstyle" href="" target="_blank">Ken Densley/Facebook </a>
An EMT mows an 87-year-old man's lawn. Photo by Ken Densley/Facebook

SACRAMENTO, April 20 (UPI) -- A California EMT is being praised for performing an unusual task outside of his usual duties -- mowing an 87-year-old man's lawn.

Ken Densley said in a Facebook post his 87-year-old father passed out Saturday while mowing the lawn, an activity he won't allow anyone else in his family to perform, and neighbors called 911.


Densley wrote:

"He's okay and refused to go to the hospital. My sister and I came as soon as we heard and while we were talking him back inside one of the EMTs put the gurney away and the other finished mowing the lawn!

I told him I would do that but he insisted!

He finished and even put the mower away."

Densley said he did end up taking his father to the hospital Saturday, but he was discharged Sunday and is now "doing great."

"He has also promised to let us mow the lawn from now on!" Densley wrote.

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