Sacramento rescue dog donates blood to help save kittens' eyesight

By Daniel Uria  |  April 7, 2016 at 3:25 PM
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SACRAMENTO, April 7 (UPI) -- A rescue dog in California gave blood to help several kittens that were found dumped in a yard and were at risk of losing their eyesight.

The kittens were brought to Sacramento SPCA with serious health issues including severe damage to their eyes.

"We had a family come in with two kittens that they had found in their backyard, stray kittens that just showed up; they were the only two that were alive," SPCA worker Sarah Varanini told CBS 13. "One had two eye ulcers in his eye, so basically eye infections that are really really bad. Squinty couldn't see."

In order to salvage the eyes of the kittens Varanini's dog Jemmie, who she rescued through the SPCA, needed to donate blood to produce a serum for the kitten.

"In order to get the serum, we need a good amount of blood, we get that from Jemmie here and basically we spin it down until we get the serum on top and that's all the good stuff in blood and then we use that as eye drops for the little kitten," Varanini said.

Veterinarian Laurie Siperstein-Cook told KCRA that dog blood is an efficient and cost-effective healing agent, although its unclear why it works so well.

"It's the same blood tube you would use if you went to the doctor and they drew blood," she said. "Usually within a week we will know if it's working or not."

Varanini said the kitten seems to be recovering and added that Jemmie can now move on to playing with the tiny felines.

"She's giving back to kittens and there's nothing she loves more in life than kittens so I know she would love to do it if she could talk."

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