Packaged frozen meat found on New Hampshire streets

By Daniel Uria  |  March 30, 2016 at 11:18 AM
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EPPING, N.H., March 30 (UPI) -- Police are investigating dozens of packages of frozen meat that were found on the streets of a New Hampshire neighborhood.

Epping police Capt. Jason Newman told the Union Leader that it appeared about 30 to 40 packages of meat were thrown from a moving vehicle about 200 feet apart.

"This is an unusual circumstance, but we're certainly going to investigate it so we can prevent it from happening in the future," Newman said.

The packages, found on Sunday, included a variety of meats including chicken, sausage and venison all professionally packaged and frozen.

"There was a pack of Angus beef, real expensive stuff," Sgt. Richard Cote told WMUR. "A 20-pound pack of chops. You know, some real expensive, high-end meats."

Both police and residents are concerned that local pets may attempt to eat the raw meat which they fear may be contaminated.

Police are attempting to track down the origins of the meat, but many of the packages were without any kind of identifying labels.

"The tags were all ripped off, but we were able to find two tags that were not ripped off, so we have done some investigation and kind of back tracked it to its source," Cote said.

Police did not release specific information about the meat's origins, but said the labels seemed to indicate it came from a local store.

Investigators were unable to determine if the meat was past its expiration date and Newman said police were working to identify why the meat was discarded.

"We're still investigating what the motive would be in doing this," he said.

The suspect could face a misdemeanor charge of illegal dumping if found according to police.

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