Oklahoma couple find mouse head in can of green beans

By Ben Hooper
A Midwest City, Okla., couple found the head and leg of a mouse in their Best Choice brand green beans. Screenshot: KFOR-TV
A Midwest City, Okla., couple found the head and leg of a mouse in their Best Choice brand green beans. Screenshot: KFOR-TV

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla., March 29 (UPI) -- An Oklahoma couple preparing food for an Easter pot luck at their church made a grisly discovery in a can of green beans -- the head and leg of a mouse.

Andrew and Chelsea Belflower of Midwest City said they bought eight cans of Best Choice brand fancy cut green beans Saturday night at a Crest Foods store and they were preparing for a pot luck eatery dinner at the church where they serve as youth pastors when they discovered the can's unappetizing contents.


"We started opening them and putting them in the crock pot and by about the fourth can, something dumped out into the crock pot, and my husband noticed it and said, 'what is that?'" Chelsea Belflower told KFOR-TV.

Her husband decided to investigate the item.

"I just noticed there was something black in the green beans and was like that's not normal. So I picked it up and threw it. [It was a] mouse head!" Andrew Belflower said.

The couple said they also found a mouse leg among the beans from the can.

The manager at Crest Foods directed the couple to contact Best Choice, but they said they were unable to get through to the company during the weekend.


A Best Choice representative told KFOR-TV Monday cans of green beans would be pulled from the shelves in Oklahoma.

The couple said they hung on to the mouse parts in case Best Choice wants to test them.

"I'm afraid there could be some bacteria or something in it, and if this has been in a batch, maybe the distribution center will want to test it," Chelsea Belflower said.

The Belflowers said their pot luck plans were saved thanks to some uncontaminated baked beans.

"[There were] no animals coming out of the baked beans cans thank goodness," Chelsea said.

A Utah woman made a similar discovery in February, when she opened a can of Western Family green beans and discovered a snake head among the vegetables.

"At this point, the product is on hold at the wholesale level. As soon as we know something like this, we stop all shipments until we know what's going on with the foreign material," Western Family Chief Financial Officer Pete Craven said after the February discovery. "Foreign matter is not something we take lightly. We want to know what it is, and we will immediately research and do any level of correction as we can."


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