Florida man complains of weeks-long roach infestation on city bus

By Ben Hooper
Roaches infest the 8A bus in Jacksonville, Fla. Photo by Elijah Williams/Facebook
Roaches infest the 8A bus in Jacksonville, Fla. Photo by Elijah Williams/Facebook

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 25 (UPI) -- A Florida man said his ride on a Jacksonville city bus took a turn for the disgusting when he discovered the vehicle was infested with cockroaches.

Elijah Williams posted photographic and video evidence to Facebook of the roach infestation he discovered while riding the Jacksonville Transportation Authority bus.


"One was crawling on my leg," Williams told ActionNewsJax.

Williams said he alerted the driver to the situation.

"I first contacted the bus driver that was driving the bus and after speaking with her, she told me to contact JTA and I spoke with the gentleman. He said they were going to investigate it," Williams said.

The 8A roach infestation yuck this is awful disgusting and trifling plz jta get it together I just wrote a review about this as well but could not attach photo

Posted by Elijh Williams on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

However, Williams, who said he currently has no other means of transportation, said he grew frustrated when a month passed and the bus remained infested.


JTA public relations manager Leigh Ann Rassler said it took time to address the issue because there was initially a miscommunication about which bus was filled with roaches.

"We were like, what's going on here, we need to pull this bus and check this out," Rassler said.

Rassler said the bus has been temporarily pulled from service and fumigated. She said it will be thoroughly inspected before being returned to service.

Ok iv had it thru the roof with jta I had an original claim about a month or more and they claimed to be investigating these issues now iv contacted everyone I knew about this issue and now it persist so here it is a recording with the bus displaying the date and time so I have proof I'm soooo over the filth jta like really y'all so inhuman roaches yuck!!!!!! And this is my only means of transportation at the time so I have to deal with this and I know y'all see ppl on the bus steeping and killing roaches and also jumping around from one crawling on them or something it's sooooooooo nasty 󾌮🤒󾌤󾍁󾌽󾌨󾌣


Posted by Elijh Williams on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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