Police: Reported 'injured otter' was collar from faux-fur coat

Ben Hooper

NEWPORT, England, Feb. 23 (UPI) -- British police said officers responding to a report of an injured otter found only a faux fur collar from a coat, which they dubbed "Ollie the Otter."

The Police Neighborhood Safety Team for Newport, England, said on Twitter officers responded Thursday to a report of an injured otter at the side of the road, but they instead found the coat collar.


"Report of an injured otter at the roadside turned out to be the fake fur collar from a coat," the team tweeted.

Police nicknamed the fake fur collar "Ollie the Otter" and tweeted pictures of the faux animal riding in a police van and reading tweets on a laptop.

"#OllieTheFauxOtter would like to remind everyone, if you do find an injured otter, don't approach it but call police, RSCPA or local vet," police tweeted.

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