Mice to blame for 'eating' plans to fix Brussels' traffic problems

By Marilyn Malara
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BRUSSELS, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- The humble mouse, not municipal laziness, is to blame for extensive delays in repairs of Brussels' traffic-ridden streets, officials said

As underground tunnels beneath the bustling city continue to crumble and essential city streets shut down, causing traffic chaos, an official -- in "the dog ate my homework" fashion -- told regional parliament this week construction is late because mice consumed the plans.


During a special hearing set up to tackle the issue of continuous gridlock traffic, former head of the city's infrastructure agency, Christian Debuysscher, said original plans to fix the problem were "apparently eaten by mice," according to the Telegraph.

The plans were reportedly stored inside a bridge support for 20 years before being unearthed in an attempt to place them in a more adequate storage facility.

Until Brussels officials can redraw new plans to combat the city's failing underground tunnels and surrounding infrastructure, local mice will take the blame for the area's notoriously difficult rush hour traffic.

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