Canadian island welcomes Americans in event of Trump victory

By Daniel Uria  |  Feb. 17, 2016 at 4:20 PM
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CAPE BRETON , Nova Scotia, Feb. 17 (UPI) -- The island of Cape Breton in Canada is encouraging Americans to relocate if Donald Trump is elected president.

The island near the coast of Nova Scotia set up a tourism site titled Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins to offer an alternative for Americans who refuse to live in a country with Trump as president.

Rob Calabrese, a radio host in Sydney, Nova Scotia, is responsible for creating the website intended to poke fun at American voters who vow to move to Canada if their candidate loses.

"Every American election, you have a group of people -- usually Democrats -- who say, 'That's it, I'm moving to Canada' if a Republican wins," he told CBC News. "Hey, if you're going to move to Canada, why not move to Cape Breton?"

The site also references controversial statements made by Trump, noting that in Cape Berton "Muslim people can roam freely, and the only 'walls' are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses."

Calabrese said that although the site was made in jest he has received earnest inquiries form several Americans, including a Cornell professor who had "genuine questions" about life on the island.

"I'm hoping to get Cape Breton out in front of as many people as possible," Calabrese said. "It is a good place to live, a beautiful place. The people are great -- we just need more people."

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