Hong Kong police nab wild boar after three hour chase

By Ben Hooper
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HONG KONG, Jan. 15 (UPI) -- A wild boar led Hong Kong police on a three-hour chase after it was spotted running through Hong Kong Park in the center of the city.

Witnesses said the boar spotted in the park Friday dodged police armed with riot shields for more than three hours and evaded capture attempts including a police plan to make it run into a net.


The boar, which was caught on camera by numerous spectators, was eventually lured into the open to eat some tasty apples, tranquilized.

The wild pig, a young male measuring just over 3 feet long, was released into a rural area later the same day.

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The boar is thought by some to be the same boar spotted Wednesday outside the Conrad International Hotel, which is located near the park. The boar on that occasion eluded police for two hours before disappearing. Experts said they are likely the same pig, as the animals rarely wander into urban areas.

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