'Lucky' motorist shares heart-stopping video of California mountain road crash

By Ben Hooper Contact the Author   |  Jan. 6, 2016 at 1:49 PM
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SAN GABRIEL, Calif., Jan. 6 (UPI) -- A motorist shared dashcam footage of the time he "almost died" after speeding through a California tunnel and driving off the edge of a mountain road.

The video, posted to YouTube by user TurboFoz, features dashboard camera footage of the motorist speeding through tunnels on the Angeles Crest Highway in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The car comes out from the last tunnel to a spot where the road abruptly curves. The motorist attempts to make the turn, but his speed sends him over the edge.

TurboFoz said the crash -- which occurred Jan. 4, 2015 -- occurred because he wasn't paying enough attention to the "unfamiliar road."

"At the exit, I could barely see because it was so bright, a person standing and holding something while motioning," he wrote in the video's description. "Wondering what they were doing, I stared, and stared, reaching the top of 4th gear, all while trying to comprehend what they were trying to tell me. Then I figured it out. They were telling me to slow down and watch the curve ahead, but it was too late."

The motorist said his life was saved by "a rock wall that was part of a drainage pipe that went through the mountain. It was the only horizontally level piece on an extremely steep sloped hill. Had I spun off a few feet before or after, I'd be dead."

The driver, who was not injured, said in a note he posted online that one of the rescuers who brought him back to safety was Lou Ferrigno, who played the Incredible Hulk in the 1970s TV series of the same name.

TurboFoz said Ferrigno told him he was lucky and should "go play the lottery," but the motorist determined that his "luck was already used."

"I'm disappointed in myself, and I know some others may be disappointed in me as well. And I know it could have been worse in so many ways, and I'm kicking myself for that. But ultimately I'm glad to be alive and well," the man wrote.

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