'Pizza Rat' turns to cannibalism in New York subway station

By Ben Hooper  |  Jan. 4, 2016 at 3:37 PM
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NEW YORK, Jan. 4 (UPI) -- A New York man who filmed a rat dragging a dead comrade through a subway station offered a theory on the situation: Pizza Rat has turned to "cannibalism."

The video, posted to YouTube by user JB Jose, shows a rat dragging a fallen colleague down the stairs and across the platform at the Jay Street-Metrotech station.

The uploader joked that the rat doing the dragging was Pizza Rat, a rat made famous in September 2015 by a video showing it dragging a slice of pizza down a flight of stairs at a subway station.

He wrote that Pizza Rat had apparently turned to cannibalism.

"A little before midnight on Jan 2, 2016 at Jay St-Metrotech, Pizza Rat emerges from the darkness to retrieve his fallen comrade. Was it trying to the 'wake up' the other? Was it taking it away to eat? Will we ever know?" he wrote.

Jose said in an email to Gothamist bystanders were fascinated by the spectacle.

"We didn't really notice the dead rat on the steps till the other one appeared on the platform. I started filming cause my gf was deathly frightened (and it seems like the logical thing to do at the time). Everyone was surprised by that rat till we realized it was actually headed to the other one. At this point, other people were saying 'gross' or 'how sweet' and started filming. I stopped filming after it disappeared into the darkness."

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